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Discover What It Takes To Deliver An Engaging Presentation

Do you want to be more successful in your personal and professional life?

Confidence is the key and I can show you where to find it.

What does “success” look like?

    A rewarding career
    A fulfilling relationship
    Masterful public speaking skills
    Outstanding interview technique
    Persuasive at board level
    Stronger sales presentations
    A richer social life

These are just some examples of what success means. The common theme is communication. The more effective you are at expressing ideas clearly and confidently, the more successful you will be in all aspects of life.

Knowing what to say is the easy part. We are all capable of learning communication skills.

Having the confidence to reach out and do, say or grab what we want out of life – that’s a different matter.
Where can you find confidence?

All the confidence you will ever need is within you, right now. The reason you may not always be aware of it is because of something else. Fear.

If I ask you to step into a ring with a world class heavyweight boxer, a healthy level of fear makes perfect sense. It is nature’s way of telling you to get out of that situation. Take another look at what success looks like and ask yourself this question: how is fear going to help you?

Being confident is a totally natural state. Look at the youngest children in a disco. Does fear stop them from dancing? Don’t let fear hold your confidence back. When you see fear for what it is, not based on any real threat, you allow your confidence to shine through.

I am here to show you how at either the iCan Speak Bootcamp or the more comprehensive 'Gravitas' Speakers Retreat. 

Whilst we are exeriencing lockdown I am able to offer 2 options for:

1) iCan Speak Bootcamp delivered virtually.
The online version of what I have been delivering for over 10 years and has been experienced by over 5000 delegates. 

2) iCan Speak to Camera 
People are now being asked to deliver presentations or pitches virtually. In this session delegates will be coached in how to deliver virtual content in an engaging way. 

See below.  

The 'iCan Speak' Bootcamp (Delivered Virtually)

By the end of the interactive session, delegates will understand.

What it takes to Stand & Deliver in an engaging way. Focussing on Stance, Hands and Upper Body.

How and why it's vitally important to give Eye Contact. If you want to connect with your audience whether it be to 4 in a pitch or 100 at the AGM, you need to look into the eyes of at least those you look at. We create a safe environment in which to practice this essential skill.

What it takes to grab the attention of any audience by Starting with Impact. There are countless ways in which you can set yourself apart from others and in this module you will learn a number of devices that are at your disposal.

One thing that great speakers posses is the willingness to inject passion and enthusiasm into their presentaions. During this exercise delegates will bwe expected to do just that. We call this Spice it Up.

How to speak with Vocal Variety to keep your audience engaged. This is for many the most challenging exercise but once mastered will give you the edge and your audience will love you for it.

What to do to Silence the Cynic in your audience.

And a whole host of techniques that can be applied to presentations immediately.

As this is delivered romotely, delegates will be expected to carry out a number of exercises whilst stood up. If you are taking part please bare this in mind when positioning yourself and importantly your PC/ Mac.  

See below for details of the next online bootcamp and of how to reserve a space. 

What are people saying about Richard's training?

The 'iCan Speak' To Camera Session (Delivered Virtually)

iCan Speak Virtually
The iCan Speak Virtually Workshop has been designed to give you and your team all the tools you need to speak with confidence to audiences of any size, whether virtually or in person. The compact three-hour format ensures that the session is fast-moving and engaging, and the course content will provide delegates with a strong foundation to build on when it comes to handling live interviews, face-to-face meetings, webinars and other group presentations using virtual platforms.

Discover how to choose the best setting for your live or pre-recorded video presentation. This segment covers lighting, sound, body positioning, body language and gestures, and will give you an understanding of the impact of your surroundings.

Virtual eye contact
Ensure that every member of your audience feels as though you are speaking directly to them. Speaking virtually is completely different to speaking to an audience in person. Learn how to achieve the same level of connection whether you are presenting to an audience in the flesh or via a virtual platform.
Making an impact
It is vitally important that you start any presentation with impact. Starting your presentation virtually comes with the added pressure of not always being able to see your audience. Make sure you grab their attention from the start and keep them engaged throughout.

Vocal variety
The last thing anyone wants to hear is someone with a monotone voice. Understanding how to vary your voice will add charisma to your vocal delivery. Learn how to use your voice effectively whether you are speaking from a stage or virtually.

Keeping it real
Nobody wants to hear someone reading a script. That’s no way to engage an audience. Learn how to ensure your presentations sound natural, spontaneous and alive.

Supercharging your presentation
You must be able to inject enthusiasm into your presentation if you want to maintain interest throughout a video presentation. Learn how to deliver presentations with gusto.

Involving your audience
You must know how to involve your audience if you want to establish a strong connection using video. You have to create that connection, even though you can only see each other virtually. Learn the essential DO’s and DON’Ts.

See below for details of the next online session and of how to reserve a space.


      10th June 2020


                    9.30am - 12.30am

                          £150 +VAT


Reserve your space  richard@richardmccann.co.uk

“Excellent. Richard has not only improved me as an individual but the whole of Team NMBS will be a better company for spending 1 day on a training day with Richard. 10/10”

Brendan McNally, National Sales Manager, National Merchant Buying Society

“It’s the best course I have been on. It’s great to see an expert in his field at work.”

Phillip Morgan, Trainer, Bank of America

“Even for ‘Seasoned’ presenters Richard provides an environment which is both challenging and safe. I’d definitely do it again.”

Kevin Woodhams, Management Development Lead, Roche

“Enjoyed it very much. Superb team building as much as presentation techniques.”

Gregg Barton, Director, Space Zero

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